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Torque Engineering is an engineering consulting firm that focuses mainly on automotive, telecommunication, IT, and VR (Virtual Reality), which was founded in Gothenburg City by Napoleon Rydberg. Since 2013, Torque Engineering has been completing tasks for Nordic and International clients. Along with Ultra Group, we create a vision to cultivate lifelong business relationships with our partners and clients in order to achieve mutual prosperity. We are driven to performing our daily business in a transparent, professional, and efficient manner. We aspire to provide the brightest intellects with the finest work environment to perform, in order to deliver first-class service to our cherished clients.

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Ashish Raj

Computer Science Engineer

Ashish Raj is an accomplished Senior Software Developer with over 11 years’ experience, excels in creating end-to-end solutions for enterprise applications. His passion for exploring new technologies is matched by his quick learning abilities, enabling him to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge innovations. With a strong foundation in design, implementation, and adaptability, Ashish is a humble team player known for his collaborative spirit. His career spans renowned global companies. Outside work, he indulges his love for travel, broadening his horizons and embracing diverse cultures.
Assignment – Senior Software Developer at Tele2
Expertise – IT, FinTech, Telecommunication, Database

Damir Dzebo

Chemical Engineer

Damir is a down-to-earth guy that enjoys a good challenge to tackle. He is a naturally curious person who enjoys immersing himself into various subjects, both tech and leadership-related. The broad curiosity has been one of the central driving forces through his M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies as well as research and engineering work. He has broad competence and experience in both operational and leading positions and enjoys the variety of the same that the consultancy work offer and expect from him.

Outside of the professional setting he enjoys spending time with his family and friends and when possible drive tech-projects, both small and large in scope.
Assignment – Cyber Security at Volvo Cars

Daniel Velcic

Computer Science Engineer

Daniel has a Bachelor in Computer Science who has worked for more than 18 years. He has been working within the Automotive area for most of his career.
As a consultant he has been in several challenging projects within brands like Volvo Trucks and busses, Scania Trucks, CEVT and Volvo Cars. The roles within the projects have been as a tester, developer, Function Owner, Component owner and Function Specification Responsible. Daniel’s two latest assignments have been as a tester/FSR at Battery Traction Systems to support with testing and function development and to support fault tracing together with the supplier. Daniel brings a wealth of experience in high voltage batteries, environmental engineering, and drones.
When he is not working, he likes to play golf with his friends.
Assignment – HOD Component Owner at Volvo Cars
Expertise – Software Development & Testing

Jesper Larsson

Software Developer

Jesper is a mid-level software developer, gaining his 5 years experiences from various companies. He is currently working with test development for automotive radar as a process owner. He has experience within the automotive field, with a higher vocational degree about development for Electrical Vehicles. He is interested in autonomous development in the automotive industry and the improvement of automation.

He has broad knowledge about software development, and experienced in working on a professional collaborative project. He has done circuit design and CAD professionally as a product developer.

On his free time, Jesper likes to go hiking.
Assignment – Radar Test Development at Magna
Expertise – Automation, IT and software developer

Lisa Trinh

Industrial Design Engineer

Lisa is a highly motivated industrial design engineer with a strong passion for sustainable product development. She has been working in the automotive industry for several years and has also spent time studying and working in China, as well as briefly working in the consumer electronics industry. Throughout her various positions, Lisa has gained valuable experience in leadership, organization, product development, and process development.

Lisa has a human-centered approach when it comes to designing products, believing that better products can greatly improve people’s lives. Her experiences as an engineer, as well as her time studying abroad in China and India, have only strengthened her desire to find new and exciting challenges that can contribute to her personal and professional growth. She thrives on taking on challenges and is always looking for ways to push herself further.

As an Industrial design engineer, Lisa is committed to sustainable product development and seeks to find ways to make a positive impact on the world. She understands that the products she creates have the potential to make a difference in people’s lives and is determined to do her part in creating a better future.
Assignment – Attribute leader Environmental impact at ZEEKR
Expertise – Project leading, Product & Process developing, and Product life-cycle management.

Michael Ördog

Automotive Engineer

Michael is a seasoned professional in the automotive industry, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in various roles. Throughout his decade-long career, he has gained a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances that come with working in the sector. However, in recent years, Michael’s focus has shifted towards Agile development, a methodology he has successfully used to drive positive outcomes for various key projects.

One of Michael’s previous assignments was as a software developer, where he worked closely with a team of manufacturing engineers responsible for creating scripts to automate new factories in China. Specifically, his work involved developing software for SWDL (Software DownLoad), running diagnostic tests and verification on the production line, and calibrating roller tests for engine, emission, and gearbox testing. Michael’s expertise in software development and automation was critical to the success of this project, allowing the team to streamline processes and improve efficiency in the factories.

Assignment – Component Owner at Volvo Cars
Expertise – Test lead, development and Agile teams, Business analysis and Early stages in product development to complete product.

Nipun Gammanage

Computer Vision Engineer

Nipun is currently a Computer Vision Engineer at Sony Nordic who has five years of experience in the software development domain (specialising in robotics/computer vision). He has learning and working experience in Asian, Middle Eastern and European continents till date (Thailand, Taiwan, Sultanate of Oman & Sweden), by virtue of which he had the opportunity to expose himself to a multicultural working environment.

He has lately been interested in Chess and now spends his spare time training to become a rated chess player. He also enjoys drawing and animating 3D sculptures in Blender. As a person, he is an open-minded tech enthusiast with a “can-do” attitude.
Assignment – Computer Vision/ ML Engineer at Sony Nordic
Expertise – VR, Robotic Automation & Navigation, Interactive Content Design, Meta-verse, Entertainment, Game development

Nitin Immanuel

Automotive Engineer

Nitin is a driven automation project engineer with more than 12 years of considerable hands-on work experience within the field of automotive, automation & heavy industry.

Nitin previous assignment at Volvo Penta started as an Engine calibration engineer where he excelled the different protocols to tune diesel engines to comply to emission norms. Later, in the role of Project/Test Coordinator, the responsibility of coordinating materials, resources, and logistics required to facilitate the testing and certification of engines was both challenging and rewarding. This included created sensor lists for tests and coordinating with automation teams. Close involvement in project planning and determining timeline for testing activities was also an insightful experience.

With his experience of project management and coordination, he has a new found skill of looking at the big picture and understanding all the nuances of a project.
Assignment – Hardware Project Lead at Aurobay.
Expertise – Project Management, Automation, Mechatronics.

Sahin Karakaya

Software Developer

Sahin, a software developer, accumulated 3.5 years of expertise at leading TIER-1 automotive companies worldwide. His focus involved the development and testing of both aerial and ground vehicles. Embracing the software development journey, he pursues robust outcomes through extensive literature research. Sahin’s adaptable and open-minded nature allows him to adeptly handle diverse tasks, spanning from model-based software development to software and hardware testing.

In his leisure, he dedicates time to training at the gym.
Assignment – Software Developer at Volvo Cars
Expertise – Automotive, Software, Automation

Vasileios Manavis

Software Engineer

Vasileios Manavis is a Software and Safety Engineer. His career is based on the automotive industry and his specialization lies in the safety aspect of the automotive SW and electronics. Having lived and worked in four different countries, he has witnessed several working environment and cultures. Therefore, he is an avid advocate of self-empowered teams with a common goal and purpose. So, alongside his hard skills, he is sharpening his soft and leadership skills as well.  He instinctively thinks in “win-win” terms and loves turning any negative situation into an opportunity for growth. Academically speaking, Vasileios has a Computer Science bachelor’s degree from Athens, Greece and a MSc degree in Software Engineering and Green IT in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

His future aspirations include increasing and improving his professional skills and ultimately, build and nurture a team towards the completion of a purposeful goal. He believes that electrification is the future of not just the automotive, but the whole mobility industry . He perceives this shift as an amazing opportunity to take on new challenges and progressively transition to the energy sector. He wants to climb up in the corporate ladder and become an inspiration for the next generation of engineers. 

Assignment – Software Design and Safety Engineer at Volvo Cars
Expertise – Automotive SW engineering, ISO 26262, Getting things done.

Yan Huynh

Automotive Engineer

Yan is a senior engineer with passion for cars and the automotive industry. After 13 years in the industry he has accrued extensive experience in leadership, organization, and product development.

Most of these years were in the chassis area and specifically brakes development. He has had several roles from design engineer to component owner to system manager.
Yan has spent considerable time working abroad in these roles with longer expat experience when working as a technical advisor for Geely in China.

Yan was born in Malaysia but has lived in Sweden for most of his life. He is an avid follower of tech and developments within automotive and aviation. Some of his interests are photography, hiking, mountain biking and of course cars. Travelling and food are also major passions.
Assignment – Spare part developer at Volvo Cars
Expertise – Automotive industry, Product development, PLM systems/Team center

Yuriy Dolenko

Senior Software Developer

Yuriy Dolenko is a Lead Software Developer with more than 10 years of working experience. His previous assignment was a senior software engineer where he maintained client plugins and device imitators that sent navigation, weather and targets information to the system. He worked with different device protocols and navigation data. Later he maintained an automatic software deploying on client machines. The biggest excitement about these roles was that his projects were delivered magnificently. After that, he got a promotion and became a lead software engineer.

Yuriy is a passionate problem-solver. He likes to identify a challenging problem and solve it. He finds satisfaction in making significant contributions to his project as well as his company.
Assignment – Lead Software Developer at Volvo Cars
Expertise – Database, Software, IT