About Us

Our Story

Torque Engineering is an engineering consulting firm that focuses mainly on automotive, telecommunication, IT, and VR (Virtual Reality), which was founded in Gothenburg City by Napoleon Rydberg. Since 2013, Torque Engineering has been completing tasks for Nordic and International clients. Along with Ultra Group, we create a vision to cultivate lifelong business relationships with our partners and clients in order to achieve mutual prosperity. We are driven to performing our daily business in a transparent, professional, and efficient manner. We aspire to provide the brightest intellects with the finest work environment to perform, in order to deliver first-class service to our cherished clients.

Our Values

Our People

Torquers are the core of our business. We hire the best and expect outstanding accomplishments. We aim to give competitive remuneration and useful perks.

Social Responsibility

Dive and inclusion is core of our company. We value our people and a range of backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity.


We believe that taking ownership of our acts (and inactions) is the best way to cultivate trust both within and publicly. 

Customer Oriented

We maintain the highest standard of service to meet our customer’s satisfaction. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals.



We value  transparency in  every decision of  ours.  We as a company believe that transparency and consistency will foster trust. We are working constantly to be remarkably reliable. 





We are life long learners. We are always learning. We never stop growing and learning, becoming the people and places we aspire to be.