Lisa Trinh

Industrial Design Engineer

Lisa is a highly motivated industrial design engineer with a strong passion for sustainable product development. She has been working in the automotive industry for several years and has also spent time studying and working in China, as well as briefly working in the consumer electronics industry. Throughout her various positions, Lisa has gained valuable experience in leadership, organization, product development, and process development.

Lisa has a human-centered approach when it comes to designing products, believing that better products can greatly improve people’s lives. Her experiences as an engineer, as well as her time studying abroad in China and India, have only strengthened her desire to find new and exciting challenges that can contribute to her personal and professional growth. She thrives on taking on challenges and is always looking for ways to push herself further.

As an Industrial design engineer, Lisa is committed to sustainable product development and seeks to find ways to make a positive impact on the world. She understands that the products she creates have the potential to make a difference in people’s lives and is determined to do her part in creating a better future. Overall, Lisa’s drive and determination make her an excellent asset in any industry she chooses to work in.
Assignment - Attribute leader Environmental impact at ZEEKR
Expertise - Project leading, Product & Process developing, and Product life-cycle management.