Michael Ördog

Automotive Engineer

Michael is a seasoned professional in the automotive industry, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in various roles. Throughout his decade-long career, he has gained a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances that come with working in the sector. However, in recent years, Michael’s focus has shifted towards Agile development, a methodology he has successfully used to drive positive outcomes for various key projects.

One of Michael’s previous assignments was as a software developer, where he worked closely with a team of manufacturing engineers responsible for creating scripts to automate new factories in China. Specifically, his work involved developing software for SWDL (Software DownLoad), running diagnostic tests and verification on the production line, and calibrating roller tests for engine, emission, and gearbox testing. Michael’s expertise in software development and automation was critical to the success of this project, allowing the team to streamline processes and improve efficiency in the factories.
Assignment - Component Owner at Volvo Cars
Expertise - Test lead, development and Agile teams, Business analysis and Early stages in product development to complete product.