Vasileios Manavis

Software Engineer

Vasileios Manavis is a Software and Safety Engineer. His career is based on the automotive industry and his specialization lies in the safety aspect of the automotive SW and electronics. Having lived and worked in four different countries, he has witnessed several working environment and cultures. Therefore, he is an avid advocate of self-empowered teams with a common goal and purpose. So, alongside his hard skills, he is sharpening his soft and leadership skills as well. He has a problem-solving mentality while taking into consideration economical and business aspects. He instinctively thinks in “win-win” terms and loves turning any negative situation into an opportunity for growth. Academically speaking, Vasileios has a Computer Science bachelor’s degree from Athens, Greece and a MSc degree in Software Engineering and Green IT in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

His future aspirations include increasing and improving his professional skills and ultimately, build and nurture a team towards the completion of a purposeful goal. He believes that electrification is the future of not just the automotive, but the whole mobility industry . He perceives this shift as an amazing opportunity to take on new challenges and progressively transition to the energy sector. He wants to climb up in the corporate ladder and become an inspiration for the next generation of engineers. He wants to give back to society by helping other people achieving their goals and dreams.
Assignment - Software Design and Safety Engineer at Volvo Cars
Expertise - Automotive SW engineering, ISO 26262, Getting things done.